How do I convert JSON files?

You can find, filter, and export all of your chat and ticketing data in the Inbox of your dashboard.

All of those customer conversations can be a handy source for new customer insights, shortcuts and knowledge base articles.

The export function allows you to download up to 100 messaging entries as a series of JSON files contained in a zip file. You’ll receive a link to your download by email.

Learn about exporting messaging data in this article: Exporting messages

As an alternative to converting files from JSON format, you can use a Make or Zapier workflow to add your chat or ticketing data directly to a Google Sheet in real time:

Make: Add a row to a Google Sheet when a new ticket is created

Zapier: Add a new row to a Google Sheet when a new ticket is created  

What is a JSON file?

A JSON file, or JavaScript Object Notation file, lets you store, organize and share information as plain text. Each message will be listed as a series of value pairs contained in one or more objects. You can read a JSON file with any text reader. For example, you can use MS NotePad or Apple TextEdit.

Each downloaded message from includes known values for the following:

id: [conversation ID]

type: [chat message or ticket]

pageId: [Property ID]

visitor object: [name, ID and email; if the visitor name is unknown, the software automatically assigns a random identifier, starting with a “V.”]

location: [country, city]

messageCount: number of messages in the conversation

chatDuration: duration of the chat rounded to milliseconds

rating: visitor rating 

createdOn: date created

messages: [sender type, message type, time, and content for each message in the conversation]

Here's an example:

How do I convert a JSON File?

Once you’ve downloaded the zip file containing your data, you can extract the JSON files. Then convert your files to CSV spreadsheets using third-party software.

You can convert your files to a CSV or spreadsheet with an online Converter such as this one: JSON to CSV Converter

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