Will my Widget Scheduler automatically update for Daylight Savings Time?

The Widget Scheduler will automatically adjust itself forward or backward for Daylight Savings Time based on the time zone you have set.

There‘s no need to make any changes to your Widget Scheduler when Daylight Savings Time starts and ends provided you have the scheduler set to the correct time zone. 

How to change the time zone settings in your Widget Scheduler: 

First, if you have multiple properties, check to make sure you're currently viewing the correct one by hovering over the hamburger icon at the top of the Dashboard.

Make your way to ⚙️Administration Channels Chat Widget.

Then, click Scheduler. 

The time zone in your scheduler is automatically set to match the time zone on your computer laptop.

Click on Edit Timezone under the Scheduler heading to change your settings.

You can also change the time zone by clicking the Advanced button under Scheduler (to the right), and selecting a new time zone in the top left hand corner of the next panel.

For more information about setting and managing your Widget Scheduler, please read this article: Using the Widget Scheduler

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