Can I end a chat from the dashboard?

An agent can close a chat from the Dashboard so that it is no longer visible. However, they cannot end the chat. Only a visitor can end a chat.

There is no direct function for ending a chat in the Dashboard. If you close a chat in the Dashboard, the chat will still remain active from the visitor’s side. If they send another message, it will appear as a new chat and you will receive a notification.

To close a chat in your Dashboard, click the end button in the upper right-hand corner of the chat window. 

Ending the Chat from the Widget 

For a visitor to end a chat session from the widget, they will need to click the menu in the top right corner and select End this chat session.

Once the visitor has ended the chat they will still have the option to start a new chat.

If you have a particularly troublesome visitor and need to end a chat forever, you can ban the visitor. 

Banning a Visitor 

Banning a visitor during a chat will automatically end the chat session and prevent your visitor from starting a new chat. Once you unban the visitor, the chat widget will once again show on your website and the visitor can start a new chat.

Here’s how to ban a visitor during a live chat session:

Head over to the options menu on the right side of the chat as seen below. If it's not visible, you can bring it back into view by clicking the Options button.

You must give a reason for banning your visitor and choose whether or not to ban them by their IP address. If you choose not to ban their IP address, the visitor can simply clear the cookies in their browser and begin a new chat. 

To learn more about banning visitors, read this article: Banning a visitor

Here’s how to remove a ban:

Head to AdministrationUser ManagementBan List 

In the Ban List, you'll see all currently banned visitors. To remove a visitor from the list, select that visitor in the list. Alternatively, you can click on their entry details to open up a record of what happened when they were banned.

To end the ban, click the red Delete button. 

If you want to learn more about Removing a ban, read this article: Removing a ban

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