Getting started with Messaging

Your Messaging area is a shared inbox where all your messages and tickets are stored. 

To get started with messaging, check first to make sure you're currently viewing the correct property by hovering over the hamburger icon at the top of the Dashboard.

Then click the Messaging icon in the left sidebar menu.

At the top right of the Messaging area, you’ll see options for Chats and Tickets at the top of the page. Check the box next to Chats and leave the ticketing checkbox empty.

You will be able to see a list of all past chats on your property along with notifications showing the status of each chat. 

Sort by clicking Open or Closed, or click Any to see all chats.

A red box marked Open shows there was a Missed chat — someone requested a chat and has not been answered.  

If your visitor has left their contact details in a pre-chat form or message, it's important to reach out to them as quickly as possible.

When your widget is offline, a form will automatically request your visitor’s name and email before they leave a message.

You can encourage visitors to leave their contact details when your widget is online by setting up a Basic - Chat Rescuer Trigger or adding a Pre-Chat Form. A Chat Rescuer is a message that’s triggered automatically when you’re unable to respond right away. The Pre-Chat Form requires your visitor to submit a name, email, and any other information you choose to require before beginning a chat (the catch is that this can reduce the number of incoming chats you receive).

A grey box marked Closed means the chat was completed.

At the top left of the Messaging area, you can sort by Agent. Click the pulldown menu and select Assigned, Unassigned or the name of a particular Agent, or select All to view all chats.

You’re going to want to keep an eye on the Unassigned and Opened messages. These are missed messages that still need your attention.

In the top-right menu, you can sort messages according to the date of creation, most recent update, update status or priority.

How to Delete a Chat

If you'd like to delete a message, you'll need to select it from the Messaging section. Make your way there by clicking the Inbox icon on the left side of the Dashboard. Then select the message you want to delete from the list.

Now select the button with the trash can symbol in the bottom right corner of the page.

You'll then be given a chance to confirm that you want to delete the message.

Click the red Delete button to send the message to the Trash.

If you want to permanently delete the message, navigate to the Trash section by hovering over the hamburger icon at the top of the Dashboard and selecting Trash.

From here you can either restore the message or permanently delete it. Select the message or messages you want to restore or delete by checking the box for each on the right side of the list.

Restore Messages will send messages back to the Inbox while Purge Messages will permanently delete them. Purging a message can not be undone so make sure you want to permanently delete a message before selecting Purge Messages.

Sorting Messages

If you have a large number of messages to sort, you may want to take advantage of the search options at the top right of your screen. You can narrow your search by Date, Agent, Department, and Tags.

When a visitor has left an email address, you can respond to a missed chat or message via email by converting the message to a ticket.

You will be able to view your entire conversation history with each contact by selecting Contacts in the Messaging area of your dashboard.

To learn more about’s built-in Ticketing system, read this article: Creating and responding to tickets

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