How does define Visitors?

Knowing the number of visitors that arrive on your website is important in order to understand how effectively you are marketing your business and how well your website converts these visitors to customers.

In your Dashboard, the Visitors pane displays the total number of unique visitor sessions on your site for the current day based on your time zone. visitors are recorded based on sessions. A single person can complete multiple sessions and be counted as multiple visitors on the same day.

What is a session? 

A session starts when a visitor lands on your website, page or chat widget (using the direct chat link). The session remains active until the visitor leaves the site or the visitor is inactive for at least 20 minutes. Once the session has disconnected, there is a 2-minute buffer allowing them to continue the session.

If the visitor becomes active again or returns to your site after the session ends and the 2-minute buffer period expires, a new session will begin and an additional visitor will be recorded on your site.

What about bots? 

Bots are autonomous programs on the internet or another network that can interact with systems or users.

Your website’s Visitors count will not include bots or scrapers that hit your website.

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