Adding a widget to ShopTill-e


To add the widget to your ShopTill-e site, you'll first need your Widget ID

If you have multiple properties, check to make sure you're viewing the correct one. Hover over the current property name in the upper-left menu to select a new property from the list.

Make your way to the ⚙️Administration ➞ Channels ➞ Chat Widget.

Your Widget ID is the string of numbers and letters in the last directory of the Direct Chat Link.

In the following example, the Widget ID is 123456789:

Once you've got your Widget ID, copy it, log in to your ShopTill-e account and select Settings from the top menu.

From the settings screen, scroll down until you see the Tawk Live Chat Widget ID option. Add your Widget ID here.

Once you've added your Widget ID, make sure you select the Save Settings button in the bottom right corner. That’s it — you’re done!

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