Using the widget scheduler

By Shane Wall

Last Update 2 个月前

The Widget Scheduler will automatically switch your widget offline according to your schedule, so you never have to worry about forgetting to log out of your account. It works in tandem with your agents, if there are no agents online when your widget is scheduled to be online, the widget will instead stay offline.

Setting it up is easy, just make your way to the Administration section of the Dashboard, select Chat Widget from the channel list and scroll down to Scheduler. From here you can make quick changes to the timezone and turn the scheduler on or off but to dive in and set a schedule you'll need to click the Advanced button.

If you have multiple properties, make sure to check you're currently viewing the correct one by hovering over the hamburger icon at the top of the Dashboard.

Clicking the Advanced option will open a new window, check you have the correct time zone and switch on any days you want the chat widget to be online by toggling the switch under each day.

Once a day is activated, you'll see a line representing the 24 hours of the day made up of gray and green sections. Gray areas on the timeline mean the widget will be set to offline mode, during the green sections the chat widget will be online.

If you need to break the day up into multiple sections to take a break you can add another timeline for the same day by clicking the blue + Add New button. If you're in a chat while the time changes to a time scheduled to be turned off, you'll still be able to continue the conversation.

You'll need to save the changes you've made and switch the Enable Scheduler button on before any of the changes you've made will take effect.

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