Understanding the weekly roundup email

Each week, you’ll receive a tawk.to weekly roundup email. This email gives you a quick snapshot of the stats from the previous week across your properties. 

The weekly roundup email summarizes the statistics for every property in your Dashboard. If you are assigned to multiple properties or widgets, you will receive an individual report for each property. You'll see reports for website visits, widget use and tickets.

Here’s a little more about what each section of the report means:

You had ## Visit(s) - the number of unique visitor sessions on your site over the past week. A session starts when a visitor lands on your website, chat page or widget and ends when the visitor leaves the site or remains inactive for at least 20 minutes.This number does not include bots that may hit your website.

Learn more about visitor sessions here: How does tawk.to define Visitors?

You received ## Chat(s) - the number of chats you or your team responded to.

You received ## Offline Message(s) - the number of messages you received when your widget was offline.

You missed ## Chat(s) - the number of chats that were not responded to. This number includes chats the visitor ended and those the visitor left before receiving a response.

You created ## Tickets(s) - the number of tickets created. To learn more about creating and responding to tickets, read this article: Creating and responding to tickets

You resolved ## Tickets(s) - the number of tickets that were closed or resolved in the period selected.

Your widget was online ## of ## hours ##% of the time - the number of hours in a full 24x7 week you were available to chat with your visitors.

Your engagement response rate was ##% - the ratio of chats to visitors on your website.

The weekly roundup email can help you understand your customer’s expectations when they visit your site. Based on how they interact with your site, you’ll understand their needs and be able to serve them better.

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