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Understanding the statistics in the Reporting panel of your tawk.to Dashboard will help you better meet the needs of your visitors. You’ll know how often customers use the Widget, how quickly agents respond to customers, and even where your Knowledge Base needs updating. 

NOTE: The instructions below can be completed from a browser or the tawk.to desktop apps.

View your reporting

If you have multiple properties, check to make sure you're viewing the correct one. Hover over the current property name in the upper-left menu to select a new property from the list.

Then, select the Reporting icon in the Dashboard’s navigation panel.

You can view statistics for your Property under three categories: Live Chat, Tickets and Knowledge Base.

Live Chat Statistics

Chat volume shows how many chats took place on your property over the selected period of time.

Missed chats tells you how many chats that were missed on your property over the selected period of time. The closer this number is to zero, the better!

Offline messages shows messages that came in when your widget was offline. If you have 24-hour support, this number will be close to zero, since an agent will always be online to respond.

Average chat duration tells you how many minutes on average each chat lasted.

User satisfaction shows how many customers left positive feedback, negative feedback or neutral feedback about a chat.

First response time lets you know how long your customer had to wait before hearing back from an agent in the chat.

Tickets Statistics

New ticket volume lets you know how many tickets were submitted over the selected period of time.

Solved tickets shows you how many tickets were solved by property members over the selected period of time.

Ticket source shows where your tickets came from. Sources for tickets include chats, agent submissions, or email messages.

Resolution tells you how quickly tickets were resolved.

Ticket reopened shows how many tickets were reopened after their resolution.

First response time for tickets lets you know how long your customer had to wait before hearing back from a Property member.

Knowledge Base

Articles shows you which articles your customers found to be the most helpful. You will only see reports for this if you use your Knowledge Base.

Searches shows you what information your customers looked for most often. View the top words customers typed in the search bar, the number of results per search, and how many articles were clicked.

Feedback lets you know which articles your customers found helpful in the 

Knowledge Base. A score over 50% indicates an article is helpful to customers. Consider updating any articles with a score below 50%.

Filter your reporting

You can control which data you see and how it is presented in your reporting. Filter the statistics you see by agent or tag. Then use the buttons at the top of each reporting page to download your report.

To view the highs and lows for each day, click the button with the chart icon.

To filter your reports by agent or by tag, click the second button with the funnel icon. You can filter by agent or tag from the drop-down menu

To change the date range, click the drop-down menu for the calendar month, and select the days you want to include in your report.

To view an hourly report, click the tab that says Day and select Hour from the drop-down menu.

To download your report, click the Download button in the upper-right of the reporting panel.

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