Creating and responding to tickets

Ticketing allows you to converse with your customers via email.

With’s built-in ticketing system, you can follow-up after a chat, respond to missed messages and create new help tickets from scratch.

You can even forward all your support emails to the Dashboard, giving you an overview of the customer journey in one place.

Before you make any changes on your properties, if you have multiple properties, check to make sure you're currently viewing the correct one by hovering over the hamburger icon at the top of the Dashboard.

Creating a ticket during a live chat

During a live chat, you can create a ticket by clicking the ticket icon in the lower right corner of your screen.

A form will appear, allowing you to manually enter the name and contact details of your visitor. You will also be able to respond to your visitor, assign the ticket to a team member for follow-up, and/or choose a priority level.

Note: Your visitor will receive a copy of the ticket, including any messages you enter into the text box.

Replying to missed chats

One question people often ask is, “If I miss a chat or someone has left me an online message, how can I reply to that person?”

Ticketing allows you to respond to a visitor who has left their contact details in a Pre-Chat Form or when your widget is in offline mode.

When your widget is in offline mode, it will automatically request details from any visitor leaving a message.

If you have set up a Pre-Chat Form, each of your visitors will be asked to leave their name, email and any other information your form requires before beginning a chat (the catch is that this can reduce the number of incoming chats you receive).

Ticketing allows you to respond to any offline or missed messages, providing your visitor left their contact details.

To get started, log into your Dashboard and click on the Messaging icon in the top left sidebar menu.

At the top right of the messaging area, you’ll see options for Chats and Tickets at the top of the page. Check the box next to Chats.

You will be able to see a list of all past chats on your property along with notifications showing the status of each chat. 

To find any missed messages, select All messages above the chat listing and sort using the pulldown menu at the top right to view the Open messages.

Click on a message to open it in the chat, then head down to the bottom of the page and click the green Convert to ticket button.  

When you click the button, a new messaging area will appear. If your visitor has left their contact details, you can easily respond by typing a message directly into the box at the bottom of the screen. 

You can also assign the ticket to a specific department or team member. On the right-hand side of the messaging area, click the department name, if applicable, and choose the name of the team member who will be assigned to the ticket.

After you have replied to your message or assigned it to a team member, click the green Create button to convert the message into your new ticket.

You’ll have the option to tag each ticket and assign or change its priority to Lowest, Low, Medium, High, or Highest

Assigning a tag to a ticket allows you to search by tag later, so you can view chats grouped by topic and see what kinds of questions your visitors are asking about each.

Creating a new ticket

You can also create a new ticket from scratch.

Head to the Messaging panel of your Dashboard and look for the green + New Ticket button at the top right.

A form will appear, allowing you to create a new ticket. Enter the recipient’s name, email, the subject of the ticket and a message. Then assign the ticket to yourself or a member of your team.

You also have options to assign a priority level, add a tag and/or include an attachment. When you’re done filling out the form, click the green Create button and you’re done.

How to forward email from your address to the messaging system

It’s easy to forward your ticketing messages from your email system to and keep all your conversations in one place.

Click the Admin hub in the lower-left corner of the Dashboard. Then select your property and go to Overview in the upper left sidebar menu.

Copy the address in the Ticket Forwarding Email section on the right of the panel and forward all of your support emails to that address. That way, when someone emails you, the message will also show up in Messaging as a ticket.

View your conversation history with each contact, including chat messages, tickets, and support emails, in the Contacts section of your Messaging center.

You’ll have a window into the context and concerns for each contact, making it easier to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

If you want to learn more about messaging, read this article: Getting started with Messaging

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