Adding additional websites to the dashboard

By Shane Wall

Last Update 2달 전

Each individual installation of the chat widget is known as a Property and since each tawk account can have an unlimited number of properties, to get the most out of the software, each website you're planning on monitoring should be set up as its own property.

There are plenty of benefits to setting your dashboard up this way, from simple things like separate monitoring for more in-depth visitor analysis and matching the visuals of the chat to each site's design to more powerful advanced features like setting automated Triggers based on conditions unique to each website.

If that what you're here for, make your way to the Administration section in the bottom left corner of the Dashboard and hover over the delicious hamburger icon at the top of the page to reveal the list of available properties.

Next, select Add Property and enter the name and URL for the property. Once you're done bringing this new property to life, check back in with the hamburger symbol while still in the Administration section and make sure the newly created property is selected.

Next select Chat Widget from the list to find the Widget Code you'll need to install on the new site. Just like the first widget installed, you'll need to paste the snippet into your websites HTML just before the </body> tag on the second website you're setting up as a new property. Now you'll be able to manage both properties within one Dashboard.

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