Why add multiple widgets?

Adding multiple widgets to a property can be helpful when you want to customize your widget for a specific purpose on your property. You can change the widget to match different sections of your website, languages or settings.

Website sections

Adding more than one widget to your website helps your widget stand out if your site has multiple color schemes or themes.

Head over to the Administration section of the Dashboard and select Chat Widget on the list to the left. On the right side of the page, you'll see an option for changing the Widget Content. Here you can customize the color, size, position and language of each individual widget on your property to fit the section of your website.


New widgets can be added for sites with multiple language options.

Each new widget you add will be in English by default. For each new language page, you’ll need to create a new widget and manually set the language.

Learn how to change the language of your widget.


You can add a new widget if you want to set up an Embed Widget into your website instead of the default Inline Widget.

Learn more about the difference between an Inline Widget vs. an Embed Widget.

You can create a maximum of 20 new widget per property. Each new widget will have its own settings for Color, Size, Position and Language.

Switching between widgets

To switch between the widgets on your property, go to the Chat Widget settings, click on the Widget Name from the drop down list and select the widget you want to change.

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