Why do I see two properties in the drop down menu?

When you first create your tawk.to account and log into your Dashboard, you may notice two Properties listed. One is the Property you created (most likely for your website). The other Property has your name on it, or to be more accurate your account/ profile name.

The Property with your account or profile name, is your Personal Profile page. Every tawk.to account automatically generates one. It's a place on the internet where you (only you - you cannot add other agents) can communicate with anyone you share the link with.

You may choose to add the link to your profile page in your email signature, email blasts or business cards. This means customers can start a chat with you directly. You can completely customize your profile page and share a little bit about yourself.

You may find that when you are logged into the tawk.to Dashboard, you cannot see visitor's on your website or your chat history in messaging. Make sure you haven't accidentally switched over to your personal profile page instead of the website property. 

You can learn more about editing your Personal Profile here

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