Does affect my website load speed?

We get it. How quickly your website loads has a big impact on the visitor experience and ultimately sales. With this in mind, we can confidently say adding the widget to your website will have no effect on the time it takes your website to load.

Because the widget does not load until after your website is fully loaded, your page load speed will not be affected by having a widget on your site.

Any testing tools for page speed will not include your widget loading time in the results.

Why are multiple files loaded with the widget?

The widget allows you to completely customize the design and content with Widget Cards. You can add a Knowledge Base search bar, videos, images and more to suit the needs of your business.

To make the widget lean and flexible, we designed it to load smaller, more efficient files determined by the functions you add to your widget.

The first file to be loaded (messenger-v4.html) enables your widget to load on your website. Additional files are loaded depending on the features you’ve added to your widget cards. 

Only the scripts you need are loaded to your visitor’s browser. Even if you include every feature available in your widget, the widget requires a minimal amount of data — about 300 KB, on average, if you use all the features in the widget cards. 

How long will it take to load the widget?

After your web page loads, the request to load your widget is made.

Ultimately, widget load speed will be affected by your device, browser and connection.

Our team is continually working to reduce bandwidth and load time.

In addition to breaking down files into smaller chunks with reduced overall data, we use an HTTP2 protocol to ensure faster page loading.

Unlike HTTP/1, HTTP/2 uses multiplexing to handle multiple requests to the server simultaneously, cutting load time significantly.

As we develop, our team continues to reduce file sizes. Making our files as small as possible reduces the need for bandwidth. And that provides a better customer experience for visitors with slow connections. 

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