tawk.to for WordPress

It’s easy to add tawk.to to your WordPress site!

  1. To get started, you'll need an active tawk.to account

Installing your tawk.to widget on WordPress

Step 1

Log in to your WordPress Admin panel and navigate to the Plugins menu. It’s on the left side of the WordPress dashboard. Then select Add New.

Step 2

On the Add Plugins page, search for “Tawk.To Live Chat.”

Step 3

Select Tawk.to Live Chat by Tawkto from the results and click the Install Now button.

Then click the blue button to Activate.

Step 4

You are now in a list of installed plugins. Find the Tawk.to Live Chat plugin in the list of plugins and click on Settings.

NOTE: you can also access this page by selecting settings>tawk.to from your Dashboard menu.

Step 5

Log in to your account by entering your email and password for your tawk.to account. Then select the property and widget you intend to use for your website and click on Use Selected Widget.

Congratulations! You’re done. The widget will now appear on all pages of your WordPress site!


Visibility Options

You can control the widget's visibility on your site using the Visibility Options menu. By default, the widget will display on every page of your WordPress website.

Exclude on specific URL

You can hide the widget for specific pages by turning on Exclude on specific url and entering URLs for pages where you do not want the widget to display. 

Turn the toggle off on Always show Tawk.to widget on every page.  In the new menu that appears, turn the toggle on for options that fit your needs.

Other Visibility Options

You may also choose to display the tawk.to widget on specific pages only, e.g., front page, category pages, tag pages, or post pages.

Turn the toggle off on Always show Tawk.to widget on every page. In the new menu that appears, turn the toggle on for options that fit your needs.

Include on specific URL

You can make the widget appear only on specific URLs.

NOTE: You'll have to enter the full URL of the page on which you want to display the tawk.to widget. You may list several full URLs in the textbox provided. Don't forget to separate each entry with a comma.

These settings can work with each other, and you are not bound to select only one option.  With tawk.to, you can set the widget visibility based on your specific needs.

Save changes

Always remember to save any changes you make. Click on one of the Save Changes buttons to save your configuration.


For WooCommerce, there are additional visibillty options. Click on WooCommerce Options to view these.

Using the embed code instead of the plugin

You can also add tawk.to functionality to your site without installing the plugin.

  1. Log in to your WordPress Admin panel.
  2. Go to Appearance/Editor.
  3. Select the correct Theme to edit from the drop down menu on the top right corner (the active theme is usually selected by default).
  4. Under Templates, choose Footer (footer.php).
  5. In the text area to the left, add the tawk.to widget embed code right above the closing tag. (You will find the Widget Code in the tawk.to dashboard by going to the Admin area).
  6. Click Update under the text window.

If you are using Cloudflare for your WordPress site, you could also install your widget using Cloudflare Apps. click here to learn more about that process.

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