Supporting small businesses with Matthew Anderson, General Manager, Click-Services

The key takeaway is hire agents to do all the heavy lifting and training. Let them run the business, basically free you up, and give you some free time so you can do what you do best. — Matthew Anderson, Click-Services

How can you leverage to grow businesses faster? We spoke with Matthew Anderson to learn how Click-Services supports small businesses in the Caribbean and beyond with's services and digital tools.

1 - First of all, can you tell us a little bit about your business?

Absolutely. What we do online is primarily focused on finding existing businesses like yourself,, and offering [their services] to small businesses in a way they can understand. Then, we offer them the support needed for building: filling out their website, filling out mobile applications and giving them an online presence. At the same time, we’re helping them manage [their site] and maximize the value so they can go ahead and build their business without having to focus on how to build a website, how to market, how to do sales online, how to use the e-commerce platforms, and so on. 

2 - How do you use, for us, is the component we're going to offer to our virtual business card holders. The issue with most websites, primarily, is you get in and you're on your own. is going to be the personnel, the sales agent that's going to help you through navigation, help you through exploring the web platform, also guide you through the processes and answer the questions that are necessary. And for us is going to be offered across our platform, our website, and our web application, including our social media platform. We want to include the ability to have someone 24/7 pointing back to the tools that we're offering by our platform. 

3 - Why did you choose to use and partner with 

Well, that's an interesting story, because I went online in search of a digital business card. And I went to this digital business card platform and the system was on there. I asked questions and it worked so seamlessly. I mean, I've encountered other chat platforms in the past, but I like the way it all worked out. And I quickly went in and typed in to find who was the source. And I went for it. I took an hour and a half looking at the different offerings. And I thought to myself, "That's who I want to work with," because it provided a lot of the components or tools. And I saw the team and I thought, ”I want to work with the team.” I looked at the parrot, and I thought, “That parrot reminds me of a parrot we have in St. Lucia called Amazona Versicolor.”

4 - How do you promote

Our social media marketing person, Leah, we will be promoting across the board. I mean, for instance, we also [have] a company where we sell global teas and wellness products. We will promote across that. Every single avenue that we're engaging will promote across these platforms as well to make sure that we get as much engagement as possible.

We get [business owners] to sign in for free. And then we teach them how and why they need to have personnel in the business. We're going to use the social media platforms. Right now, we are on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. We're going to offer to all our customers. We're going to put the banners up on all our social media platforms and point persons back to as a go-to tool.

5 - What benefits are you seeing as a result of sharing

I think the benefit is simple, like this meeting we're having now. I'm coming in and is going to give me an opportunity for us to advertise our business and partner with them and be able to get the exposure. You have about 5 million persons on your system. We're going to be able to leverage your volume, the persons that you already have in your grouping, the persons that you already partnership with. And, by extension, we are going to be offering our tools to these customers and vice versa. So there's an instant benefit. 

6 - What advice can you share with new partners at

It's a win-win position. You want to hire these agents and have them do the work for you. The key takeaway is hire agents to do all the heavy lifting and training. Let them run the business, basically free you up, and give you some free time so you can do what you do best.

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