The difference between Online, Away, and Invisible

Changing your status is all about setting the right expectation for your visitor. No one wants to start a chat, wait 5 minutes and not have anyone respond. Setting your status helps keep customers from getting frustrated when they start a chat and don't get a response.

Changing your status

Here’s how to change your status:

Click the image of your Profile Icon ⮕ Hover your mouse over your status ⮕ Select your updated status from either Online, Away, or Invisible

You can see when team members are online, offline, away or invisible by viewing their status in the group chat/direct messages area.

For example:


Whenever you log in to your account, your status will be automatically set to Online.

The Online status indicates that you are available to answer incoming chats from visitors.

When you are online, a green dot will appear next to your name on both your Dashboard and your Personal Profile Page, indicating that you are available to chat.


When you are busy around the office or in a meeting and need a break from answering chats, change your status to Away.

Setting your status to Away will let your visitor know that you may or may not be available to answer chats immediately. This sets the expectation for the visitor and avoids disappointment or a negative customer experience. 

You can change your chat widget greetings and set up a pre-chat form so that your widget displays a different message when you are Away. When you set up a pre-chat form, your visitors will be able to leave a message and their contact details so you can get back to them quickly.

If you want to learn more about widget greetings, read this article: Changing the greetings on your widget

Businesses will often let people know when to expect them to be online to respond by changing the widget’s content.

For example:


When you are logged in to your Dashboard but do not want to appear active, change your status to Invisible.

Setting your status to Invisible sets your widget to the offline mode, but you still will be able to use the Dashboard.

Keep in mind: when your status is set to Invisible the widget will still appear online if you have another agent logged in and Online. The widget will only go into offline mode when all property members are either logged out or Invisible on all devices. If no one is Online, your widget will appear offline and visitors will be able to leave a message and their contact details.

When you are logged out, your widget will automatically be offline. You can use the Widget Scheduler to set the days and hours when you are online. This way, you never have to worry about forgetting to log out of your account and accidentally missing chats.

To learn more about the Widget Scheduler, read this article: Using the Widget Scheduler

Setting your status allows you to choose when you are available to chat. It sets the right expectation for your visitors, helps you avoid missed chats, and allows you deliver a positive customer experience for your visitors. 

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