The difference between Open, Pending, or Closed tickets

Marking a ticket as Open, Pending, or Closed can help you prioritize your tickets, and it allows you to see which ones have been addressed and which need immediate attention, preventing needless scrolling and saving time. .

You can create a ticket either during a live chat or right from scratch.

Read more about how to create a ticket here. 

To view your tickets, go to Messages and check the box up at the top of the Dashboard that says “Tickets.” 

You will be able to view all tickets that have been created by agents or admins.

Your tickets will be marked either Open, Pending, or Closed. You will be able to view all tickets that have been created by agents or admins. The status for each ticket will be listed in the column to the right of the ticket symbol.

Choose which tickets you see by clicking on the pull-down menu at the top of the status column and selecting Open, Pending, or Closed, as shown below:

How to manually change the status of a ticket

Ticketing allows you to respond to any offline or missed messages, providing your visitor left their contact details. Anyone responding to customer messages via Ticketing can change the status of the Ticket when sending a message.

To do this, you will need to draft your message and click on the arrow beside “send” to choose the status of your ticket once you send the message.

You can also change the status of your ticket without responding. For example, you may want to mark a spam message or ticket as closed without responding. You can do this by heading over the the right side of the page and changing the status via the drop-down menu, as seen below:  


A Ticket marked as Open will let you know to follow-up after a chat or respond to a missed message, provided your visitor left their contact details in a Pre-Chat Form.

Open Tickets need immediate attention. When a Ticket is marked Open, this will let agents know the Ticket needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

When creating a Ticket from scratch, your ticket will automatically be marked as Open until it is addressed or marked as Closed


As soon as you respond to an Open Ticket, your Ticket will automatically be marked as Pending.

A Ticket that is marked as Pending is one that has been addressed by an agent, but has not been resolved yet.

Pending tickets may need to be followed up on or Closed after a designated amount of time, depending on whether or not the visitor has replied to the Ticket. When the visitor replies, the Ticket status will automatically change to Open.


A Closed Ticket is simply a Ticket that has been addressed and resolved.

Now that you can sort through Tickets based on their status, you will instantly have a complete list of the tickets that need your immediate attention.

That means you'll be able to respond to chats more quickly, focus your attention on conversations that need to be addressed and enhance your company’s productivity.

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