How to personalize your live chat agent image

The instructions below are for desktops and laptops only. 

A personalized live chat experience is a great way to engage with potential customers who are considering a purchase or need help.

Customizing the appearance of your live chat agent can help build personable connections with your customers while establishing a professional image for your company.

In this guide, we show you 4 ways to personalize the appearance of your live chat agent. If you have a support team of live chat agents, encourage them to perform the steps outlined in this article.

1. Your profile image

Your profile image is the default image in your account. It’s the image you will use to join a chat (if you don’t use an alias). It also appears on your dashboard, and in direct messages and group chats.

You can customize your agent’s profile image to help customers identify your support agent easily. To change the image, click the profile image at the lower left corner of the dashboard, and then click Edit Profile.
Learn more about changing your profile image here.
2. Your aliases

An alias is an alternative name you can choose to join a chat. You can use different names to anonymize or personalize interactions with customers.

To add aliases, click the profile image at the lower left corner of the dashboard, click Edit Profile, and select Aliases.

You can add aliases with different profile images and titles to cater to your diverse customer base.

Learn more about adding aliases here.
3. The welcome message avatar
This is the agent image that accompanies your welcome message trigger. By default, your account has 2 pre-built triggers, and one of them is the welcome message trigger. 

You can customize the agent image for your triggers to create a positive first impression. To modify your triggers, go to Administration > Settings > Triggers.
Learn more about creating and managing triggers here.
4. The Apollo AI avatar

This is the agent image that accompanies Apollo AI’s messages in chat. You can modify it to create a professional image and maintain brand consistency.

To customize the Apollo AI avatar, go to Add-ons > AI Assist > Settings.

Learn about personalizing Apollo AI’s identity here.

Now, your visitors can enjoy a personal and professional live chat experience that’ll lead to happy, satisfied customers.

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