Managing sound settings and desktop notifications

On the Dashboard, you change your sound settings and customize what you hear while navigating the Dashboard and answering chats.

Here’s how to quickly turn the sounds or notifications on and off:

On your Dashboard ⮕ click the image of your Profile Icon ⮕ click Desktop notifications and/or Sound Notifications toggle/s

Here’s how to change your sound settings,

On your Dashboard ⮕ click the image of your Profile IconManage Sounds & Notifications 

Here you can make changes to both the sounds you'll hear while operating the Dashboard and how your browser handles notifications. To make changes to either, you will first need to make sure the Sound or Desktop Notifications are switched on by toggling the switch at the top. if it's green, you're good to go.

You can choose from a list of sounds and customize the alert for everything that makes a noise within the Dashboard. Choose how long a new chat will keep ringing by changing the number of times it Repeats.

For a visual cue that something's going on in the Dashboard, make sure the Desktop notifications are turned on to get notifications via the browser. Once you're happy with the changes you've made, make sure to save them before closing the menu.

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