Managing Group Chats on Android

The Direct Messaging section of your app allows you to create and manage group chats with team members.

Learn how to create a Group Chat in this article: Creating a Group Chat on Android 


To manage an existing Group Chat on an Android device, open the app and select the DM icon in the navigation menu at the bottom of the screen.

This takes you to a combined view of all your direct and group messages.

Tap the name of a group in the list to view and make changes to that group.

Pin a group

Pinning a group makes it easy to find quickly. To pin a group, tap the pushpin icon next to the group name in the list or in the upper-right corner after you have selected a group.

When you sort chats, pinned groups will appear in your list of Favorites.

Manage a group

To manage group members, tap the three dots next in the upper-right next to the pushpin icon.

You’ll have four options:

  • Change the group name
  • View group participants
  • Invite agents
  • Leave the group

Change the group name

When you select Change the group name, a new window will appear allowing you to enter a new name for the group.

Enter the new name. Then, select Done to save your changes.

View participants

Selecting this option will take you to a list of all members in the group chat.

Invite Agents

Select Invite agents to search for and add new members to the group chat.

Tap to select each new team member you would like to include in your conversations and updates.

When your selection is complete, tap the arrow in the upper right corner of the screen to invite your team members to the group.

Leave group

When you select Leave group, you will no longer be able to view the group members, send group messages, or receive group messages in the chat.

You can not delete a group by leaving it and you can not remove other team members from a group.

However, you can create a new group at any time to suit your current needs.

Learn more about sending and receiving group messages here: Sending Direct and Group Messages on Android

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