Managing and creating Global Shortcuts

Shane Wall

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Shortcuts are template responses you can use while chatting with visitors to save time and make sure your responses are accurate and consistent.

Global Shortcuts allow you to make shortcuts you can use across multiple properties so they will always be available no matter what property you're answering on. Global Shortcuts can also only be used by you. They're tied to your account and every one of them is considered private.

To make a new Global Shortcut or manage the ones you're already using, make your way over to your Profile Icon in the top right-hand corner of the Dashboard and click the image. This will open a menu with options for changing how you experience the Dashboard and how your interactions with others will appear to them.

Click the Edit Profile option from the list to open your My Profile page. Then select the Global Shortcuts option from the Account list.

Here you'll see a complete list of all of the Global Shortcuts associated with your account. To make changes to an existing shortcut, simply select it from the list and edit it as needed. To create a new Global Shortcut, click the green Add Shortcut button in the top right corner.

You'll now see a new window for creating Global Shortcuts. Each shortcut is made up of two parts: a title and a message. The title you provide in the Enter Shortcut text box will function as a way to recall it quickly.

Once you've set up a shortcut you can simply type forward-slash ( / ) followed by the title of the shortcut while chatting with a visitor and the text will be replaced with the text you add to the Enter Message text box.

In the example in the image above, the title of the shortcut is "test", meaning if you're in a chat with a visitor and you type "/test" the text will be replaced with "This is a test message". It's best to give your shortcuts short titles with as few characters as possible so you can use them quickly.

You can also add a simple survey to the shortcut by changing the Type from Message to Survey. Doing this will add clickable multiple choice answers for the visitor. You can add more answers by clicking the Add Option button and clicking each text box to customize the available responses.

Once you've got your new shortcut set up the way you want, make sure to click the green Save button in the bottom right corner.

Since these are all Global Shortcuts, it's best to keep them simple so they'll be useful across multiple properties. “/Hello”, “/Thanks”, and “/Goodbye”, for example, all make for great Global Shortcuts.

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