It’s never been easier to add tawk.to to your website if you are using Cloudflare.

What you need

1. a tawk.to account: sign up here

2. a Cloudflare account: sign up here

The tawk.to Cloudflare app is available to all Cloudflare users for free.

How to install

1. Log in to Cloudflare.

2. Select the site on which you want to install the tawk.to widget.

3. Navigate to the Apps tab.

4. Search for “tawk.to” in the search bar and click the tawk.to box.

5. Click on the Preview button next to the app description.

6. Now you can log in to tawk.to or sign up for a free account.

7. After logging in, you will be asked to connect Cloudflare to your tawk.to account. Click Allow.

8. Once your tawk.to account is linked, select the property and widget you wish to use.

Once you have selected the property and widget, the preview window will refresh. Now you will be able to see how the widget will be displayed on your site.

9. Click Install at the bottom of the page to add the app to your site.

Congratulations! The tawk.to widget has now been added to your website.

Need help integrating tawk.to in Cloudflare? Reach out to our support team or schedule a call

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