Using the Widget Scheduler on Android

The Widget Scheduler automatically switches your widget offline according to your schedule, so you never have to worry about forgetting to log out of your account. It works in tandem with your agents. If there are no agents online when your widget is scheduled to be online, the widget will instead stay offline.

To set up a widget schedule on Android, select the You icon in the lower-right corner to open the Administration menu.

Select Property Admin Settings.

Then, select a property. 

Select Channels.

Choose a widget (widgets are indicated by puzzle icons).

Then, select Scheduler.

Now, hit the Enable Scheduler button.

When a day is activated, you'll see a gray and green line representing the 24 hours of the day.

Gray areas on the timeline mean the widget will be set to offline mode. The green sections show when the chat widget will be online.

In the new window, select your time zone in the upper right corner.

Then, set the times and days your widget will go online and offline. 

To edit the hours for a day of the week, select the day in the list and drag the green line to adjust the hours your widget is online.

If you need to divide the day into multiple sections, you can add another timeline for the same day by clicking the blue + ADD button. If you're still in a chat when the widget is scheduled to be offline, you'll be able to continue the conversation.

To save the changes you've made, select the check icon in the upper-right corner.

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