Searching through Tickets

There are many ways to search through your tickets, and knowing the best way to find what you're looking for can save you time.

If you're looking for a specific chat, your best bet is the Search function in the top right corner of the Messaging section. Clicking the small upside-down triangle at the end of the search bar will open up the advanced search option.

You can search by dates, who answered the chat, how long the chat was, the status and even any tags used to identify the chat or ticket. If you're still not having much luck finding the tickets you're after, try combining multiple advanced search options to narrow the list down even further.

If you're more interested in browsing through a list of all of the most recent tickets, make sure you've got the list set to All and the status set to Any as seen below.

To narrow the list, you can change the chat list selection from All to show specific Departments. You can also narrow the list based on whether a chat is Assigned or Unassigned and show chats only from a particular Agent. If you want to see chats you've answered yourself, click Mine just to the right.

To sort the list by the status of your tickets, click on Any in the top bar of your ticket listing to switch to viewing only Open, Pending, or Closed tickets.

You can also sort the entire list in either ascending or descending order based on when the ticket was Updated, when it was Created, its Priority or Status by clicking the button at the top right of the ticket listing.

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