Creating and managing group chats

Group chats are used to communicate with other agents so you can discuss problems, issues, or strategies about a property. With Group chats you can send messages to more than one agent at a time, perfect for announcing news or updates about a property.

Once you log in to your account, you can see the Groups section on the left side of the screen. To create a group chat, click on the first icon with the plus sign.

It will lead you to a page where you can set up your new group.

Enter the name of the group that you're creating. This can be the title of the announcement or the topic of conversation that'll be held in the group chat. Names must be lowercase, alphanumeric and can contain hypen (-) and underscore (_).

Under the Select members section, choose the property where the group chat is designated for. You also have the option to choose several or all of the properties you belong to.

Once you've chosen the property, the members of the property that you have selected will be listed for you to add. You can also type in the search box the name of the participant/s you'd like to add to your group.

Once you're done, click on the Create button.

You'll be directed to your new group. On the right side, you'll see a list of the members in your group and if they are currently online or offline.

There are three buttons at the lower right part of the screen.

The first button is for editing the group name. Any member of the group can edit the group name.

The second button is the Add Member button. Any member can also add a new member to the group. When creating a group chat, you can add up to 100 members, if you need to add more than 100 members, you can add as many as you would like once the group has been created.

The third button is the Leave Group button. Once the purpose of the group chat has been served, each member can start leaving the group chat.

At the upper right part of the screen, there is a button called the popup chat window button.

When you click this, the group chat will exit the full screen mode.

In the popup chat window, you will be able to navigate the group chat in a smaller view. Here you can still find the resolved and edit group name buttons. Next to these two buttons is the view details button where you can see the list of online and offline members of the group.

Beside the group name, there is a button called the inline chat view button. Clicking this will get your group chat back on a full screen view.

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