Tips for responding to multiple chats at the same time

Handling multiple chats at the same time can seem daunting at first. You have to think and respond quickly without sacrificing the quality of your answers. Taking a long time to respond to an initial query or during a conversation creates a poor customer experience and can result in lost sales.

All incoming or ongoing chats will appear on the left side of the Dashboard. New chats are listed under Incoming with a pink background. 

The background color of each notification shows the status of the chat:

Pink — a new incoming chat that has yet to be answered.

Green — a chat you've already answered or a new question has been posted by a customer.

Gray — a chat that has been answered by another agent.

A circle beside the visitor’s name on the sidebar indicates their status:

Green — indicates that a visitor is actively participating in a chat session or browsing the website. 

Orange — indicates that a chat has not received a response for more than 10 minutes. 

We’ve curated some tips to help you handle multiple chats simultaneously like a pro.

Create Shortcuts 

Shortcuts are templated responses you can use while chatting with visitors to ensure consistency, reduce typing errors and respond quicker.

Here’s how to create and manage Shortcuts:

From the Dashboard, make your way to ⚙️Administration ➞ Settings ➞ Shortcuts.

Then, click Add Shortcut.

To add a new shortcut, click the green Add Shortcut button. Add the content of the shortcut, and a title - keyword(s) that you will use to find it.

To start using your shortcuts in a chat, type “/” in the chat window. You will be able to search your existing shortcuts using keywords found in the shortcut message or title.

There is also a preset Shortcuts tab in the top right-hand corner that will allow you to search all your current shortcuts, add shortcuts and edit existing shortcuts. 

Change the window view 

The Dashboard lets you change your window view when responding to chats. You can view up to four chat sessions or group chats at a time.

Here’s how to change the window view:

While in an active chat, you’ll see a window icon in the middle of the page. Clicking this will enable and disable tabs.

Dragging the bar will change the number of windows you can view while responding to chats. 

You may also opt to view up to four chat sessions at a time if you want to see multiple conversations at once.

Take note that once you are viewing three or more chats, the tabs on the right side will no longer be available for viewing.

You can still access the tab content using the dropdown menu shown below.

Set up Tabs

Being prepared and having the right information are keys to successfully handling multiple chats at once. Understanding and setting up the right tabs can help you with this.

Your Dashboard comes preset with 4 tabs:

Details: This tab shows your visitor's IP address and operating system. Preset fields allow you to add your visitor's name and email address. Add a note to include any other details you want to remember. You’ll also be able to view your visitor’s navigation for the current session and see how long they’ve spent on your site.

Knowledge Base: This tab allows you or your agents to search for information in the Knowledge Base without exiting the Dashboard.

Shortcuts: This tab allows you and your agents to search and edit existing shortcuts.

History: Click this tab to display a record of past chats. Reviewing your conversations makes it easier for the current agent to troubleshoot recurring issues with the visitor.

You can also create new and custom tabs to access while responding to chats. One of the most common custom tabs displays a Google Form. 

Here’s how to add custom tabs:

From the Dashboard, make your way to ⚙️Administration Settings Tabs.

Then, click the green +Add Tab button in the upper-right corner.

On the Tabs page, you’ll see all of the current tabs available to agents when answering chats. There are a few tabs available by default: Details, Knowledge Base, Shortcuts and History.

The preview section on the right shows a glimpse of how tabs are used.

To learn more about tabs, read this article: Creating and managing tabs

Create a Knowledge Base 

Having a go-to place where you and your agents can access relevant information is helpful when responding to multiple chats at the same time.

A Knowledge Base is a dedicated space where you can publish tutorials, FAQs, tips and other information. When answering multiple chats, agents can easily search through the Knowledge Base for answers.

Articles can be set to published (accessible to the public) or private (only accessible to the agents in chat).

The Knowledge Base tab allows agents to search for answers and information without having to leave the Dashboard

To learn more about setting up your Knowledge Base, read this article: Setting up your Knowledge Base

Create group chats 

Group chats allow you to communicate with more than one agent in a single conversation. If you need to ask for help while chatting with multiple visitors, a group chat makes it easier.

To create a group chat, click the first icon with the plus sign in the Groups section of your Dashboard

This will open a new page where you can select Property Members to include in your group chat.

You can even add a group chat to your tabs to make it easier to find.

To learn more about group chats, read this article: Creating and managing group chats 

Use the Whisper function

Even with tabs or a Knowledge Base, some situations call for the assistance of another agent. When this happens, you can use the Whisper function to chat with another agent without the visitor seeing your conversation.

To whisper to another agent, select the chat on the sidebar as if you were going to normally answer it.

Rather than joining the chat, select Whisper to start a private conversation with the agent who's already answered the incoming chat.

Now anything you type and send to the chat will only be visible to agents within the chat. The other agents can respond by selecting the Whisper function.

Responding to multiple chats at the same time can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. We’ve created features on the Dashboard to help you out, so make sure to set them up correctly. You’ve got this!

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