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Suggested Messages are optional text choices shown to the visitor. It prompts the visitor on how they should respond. You can create a Suggested Message from a Shortcut or a Trigger.

To add a Suggested Message, simply enter the text in the input field. To add another Suggested message, click the Add Message button. 

You can add up to four Suggested messages for each Shortcut. Click the green Save at the bottom right-hand side of the screen once you are done. Additionally, you will notice that the Widget Preview reflects any changes you make.

If you would like to remove a Suggested Message, click the Trash Can to the right of the Suggested Message. Then, click the green Save in the bottom right-hand corner to confirm changes.

To find an existing Shortcut that you want to add a Suggested Message or edit, on your Dashboard head over to ⚙️Administration ⮕ Settings ⮕ Shortcuts.

From there you will find all available Shortcuts for your property and select the one you want to edit. You can also use the Search bar at the top left-hand side by typing in a keyword. 

The AI Question field in a shortcut instructs AI Assist to use that Shortcut (canned response) when the visitor inputs the question or comment. 

So if the visitor types in that question (or something similar), your AI Assist will respond with the Shortcut above. 

To get started click on Add Question. This will allow you to add a question or comment that the visitor may use. You can add up to five questions or comments for each Shortcut. Once done, click the green Save button in the lower right corner to confirm the changes. 

To remove a question, click the trash can to the right. Then, click the green Save in the bottom right-hand corner to confirm changes.

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