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[Desktop] is a web-based e-commerce platform that lets you build an organized selling page for your products.The page is completely customizable and you have control over what your customers will be able to see.

Integrating with allows you to be available for your customers to chat with you while they are shopping in your store. If customers have questions about your products, you’ll be able to answer their concerns immediately. 

First steps

Head over to and sign in or sign up for your free account.

If this is your first time signing into, you will have to answer a few quick questions about your company.

Once your account and website have been set up, you will find yourself on the dashboard.

How to integrate with

On your dashboard, head over to Integrations.

Select the Configuration. You will be prompted to enter your Property ID.

Head over to and sign in or create your free account.

To add a property to integrate with your site, hover your mouse over the Properties list in the upper-left corner of your dashboard and click Add Property.

Enter the property name, enter your Site URL, and enter your widget name

Click Next. Then click Done.

Make your way to ⚙️Administration Channels Chat Widget.

Then, find your Widget Code and copy it to your clipboard. 

Head back to your dashboard, paste your Widget Code into the area, and click Save

Your integration is now complete.

On your dashboard, click Go to page. You will be redirected to your e-commerce store and will now be able to see the chat widget on the site.

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