How do I change a property member's status?

Get a little help from your friends by adding Property members. You can invite others to a Property as an Admin or an Agent.

The difference between an Admin and an Agent

An Admin can access all the settings in your Administration menu. They have the same privileges as the primary administrator for the property.

An Agent can do the following:

  • Respond to chats
  • Respond to tickets
  • Access Reporting
  • Access Messaging (where chats and tickets are stored)
  • Create and edit articles in your Knowledge Base
  • Create and edit Shortcuts
  • Access Property Members (they can see which members are associated with the property. However, they can make no changes)

Changing a property member’s status

Only an Admin can make changes to a property member's status. To make a change, make your way to ⚙️Administration User Management Property Members

In the Property Members area, you can manage and invite new property members.

Select a property member to open their Edit Member page. Here, you can choose their access level and enable or disable agent status.

A property member must have their Agent status enabled to be able to answer chats. If agent status is disabled, they can still navigate the Dashboard. However, they will be unable to answer chats.

Once you've finished making changes on the Edit Member page, remember to hit the green Save button on the right.

If you want to learn more, have a look at this article: How to invite and manage agents

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