Installing tawk.to on your WHMCS site

There are two options for installing tawk.to on a WHMCS site: you can use the installer provided by WHMCS or you can add it to your site manually.

Option 1 - Using the WHMCS installer

Start by signing into your WHMCS account. You'll need administrative permissions to complete the installation. Once you're signed in, follow this link:


Click the green Get It Now button to start the installation.

You'll be prompted with a download for a Zip file containing the app. Save the file and navigate to the download section on your computer.

After unzipping, you will have a README file and a folder containing the module itself.

Copy the entire modules folder and paste it inside your WHMCS installation folder.

Next, navigate to Addon Modules in WHMCS.

- If you're using WHMCS 8.0 or later, click Configuration > System Settings > Addon Modules.

- For earlier versions, you'll find it in Setup > Addon Modules.

Click Activate next to the tawk.to app to enable it, making the tawk.to app appear under the Addons option in the top menu.

Congratulations! tawk.to is now installed on your WHMCS site. 🎉

Option 2 - Manual Install

If you’re not using the Add-on, you can add the tawk.to Widget to a WHMCS site manually by following these steps:

1. Go to the folder where you installed WHMCS.

2. Open the “templates” folder.

3. In the "templates" folder, open the subfolder named “portal” (looks like : /public_html/folder where you installed WHMCS/templates/portal/).

4. Find the “footer.tpl” file and click on it.

5. From the left side of your cPanel, click on Edit File or the Edit File with Code Editor option.

6. At the bottom of the page right ABOVE the </body> tag put:

When adding JavaScript to a WHMCS site, you need to add these {literal} {/literal} tags before and after the JavaScript.

7. Click Save changes (upper right corner of page).

8. Exit the cPanel.

Success! The tawk.to widget should now appear on all pages of your WHMCS site. 🎉

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