What are TXT and CNAME?

If you're interested in the Remove Branding add-on, you may have come across some unfamiliar terms. Here's a quick explanation of TXT and CNAME records and how each is used when setting up the Remove Branding add-on. 


TXT is an abbreviation for text record. The TXT record acts as a resource record within a DNS, or Domain name System. This type of record was originally created as a way for adding notes to a DNS for people to read if needed. However, it’s now possible for TXT records to include machine-readable data. 


CNAME is an abbreviation of Canonical Name record. This second type of DNS record is used to point one domain to another. 

For example, both tawk.to and www.tawk.to point to the same server IP address because tawk.to is the Canonical Name record for both.

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