Adding a widget to OpenCart 2.3.0.x


Adding the widget to OpenCart 2.3.0.x

There are two ways to install the live chat widget on your OpenCart site. The OpenCart Installer makes it super simple. You can also install the module manually.

Adding the module

Extension Installer

1. Download the plugin ending in from the OpenCart Marketplace.
2. Go to Extensions ➞ Extension Installer and upload the zip file.

Manual Installation

1. Download the plugin tawk-oc2-<release_version>.zip from the OpenCart Marketplace.

2. Extract the zip file and copy the files into your OpenCart folder. Then copy the Admin and Catalog folders and paste them into opencart_folder.

NOTE: If you aren’t using the English language for the OpenCart admin area, copy the language file into the correct language folder. If you are not using the default OpenCart theme, be sure to paste tawkto.tpl in the correct theme folder.

  • admin/controller/extension/module/tawkto.php ➞ <opencart_folder>/admin/controller/extension/module/
  • admin/language/english/extension/module/tawkto.php ➞ <opencart_folder>/admin/language/<your_language>/extension/module/
  • admin/view/image/tawkto/ ➞ <opencart_folder>/admin/view/image/
  • admin/view/template/extension/module/tawkto.tpl ➞ <opencart_folder>/admin/view/template/extension/module/
  • catalog/controller/extension/module/tawkto.php ➞ <opencart_folder>/catalog/controller/extension/module/tawkto.php
  • catalog/view/theme/default/template/extension/module/tawkto.tpl ➞ <opencart_folder>/catalog/view/theme/<your_theme>/template/extension/module/tawkto.tpl

Widget configuration

1. Go to the Modules section in the Extensions and install the plugin there.

2. After installing, click the Edit button.

3. Log in to your account

4. Select the property and widget you want to place on your store and click the Use selected widget button.

5. The widget will now appear on your store.

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