How to purchase's Virtual Assistant Service

Going through the process of recruiting, screening and hiring can be a bit strenuous — especially if you do it all by yourself. At, we can help you find the perfect Virtual Assistant to handle daily time-consuming tasks, giving you more time to focus on higher-level aspects of your business.

Follow these steps to sign up for the Virtual Assistant add-on:

First, if you have multiple properties, check to make sure you’re viewing the correct one by hovering over the hamburger icon at the top of the Dashboard.

Make your way to ⚙️Administration Add-ons Hire Virtual Assistants.

Under Hire Virtual Assistants, click the Activate Now button in the upper-right corner of your screen.

Select a package and payment method. Then, enter your payment details.

Note: This is a subscription service. You will be automatically charged on the same date each month unless the subscription is canceled. All payments are processed in USD.

Need to learn more about the Hire Virtual Assistants add-on? Reach out to our support team or schedule a call.

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