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Judy Olbrych

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With’s Video + Voice + Screensharing Add-on, your customers can start conversations with you by voice or face-to-face video calls — right from your widget. You can also share your laptop or desktop screen for demos or explanations.

Sharing the voice and screen makes it easy to show customers how to navigate software online or demonstrate product colors, sizes, or designs. And seeing customers or event attendees face-to-face makes conversations more memorable and engaging. 

How do I set up the Video + Voice + Screensharing feature?

Once you have purchased the Video + Voice + Screensharing feature in the Add-ons section of your Dashboard, it’s ready to use immediately. No action at all is required to set it up — “it just works.”

Now, visitors to your site or hosted Chat Pages will be able to start using rich communication features simply by clicking the new icons that appear at the top right of the chat widget.

Clicking the computer monitor starts a screen share.

Clicking the phone icon starts a voice chat.

Clicking the video-camera starts a video chat.

The same icons appear on mobile. 

Both your site visitors and agents can use the video and voice features on mobile and desktop. You can even choose between cameras on your phone — selfie or non-selfie. However, the screensharing is limited to desktop or laptop users only.

A visitor can call you and start a voice or video chat any time as long as your chat widget is online. You can also reach out in the chat and proactively initiate a call from your Dashboard.

An incoming voice, video or screensharing chat looks just like any other incoming chat in the Dashboard. New chats will be highlighted in pink in the right sidebar.

After you click the incoming chat notification, you will see a new icon showing a No Sound icon and a phone. To start a regular text chat at any time, click the green Start Chat button.

To join with video, voice or screensharing, click the green phone icon. If you would like to stop the ring notification, click the Speaker Off icon in the Incoming call box. 

Then, you can chat via text or click the green phone icon in the chat conversation to launch a video, voice, or screensharing call.

To start a new video, voice or screensharing chat with a visitor from the Dashboard, head to the bottom right corner of the chat box and click one of the icons (circled below).

Your visitor will see new buttons allowing them to Accept or Decline the call. A clickable phone icon will also appear in the chat, allowing them to join:

How many people can join the video chat?

At this time, an agent can only answer one customer at a time using this feature. If you have multiple assistants on board, each one can answer a separate chat, allowing you to serve multiple customers at the same time in one-on-one conversations.

If you have more customers in the chat than agents available, any additional customers not currently in the chat will be waiting for the next agent available. 

Understanding your Video+ Voice + Screensharing chat history

When looking at records of past video, voice or screensharing chats, all timestamps listed in your visitor’s chat history will be based on the time zone of your Dashboard.

There is no limit to the number of customer activity and chat history records you can keep. This makes it easy to know who’s been on your site and allows you to review how you helped them in past visits.

If you have two separate chats at the same time (e.g. one on your landing page and another on the login), both of these activities will show up in your customer’s history. You can create a property for each chat widget and view both at the same time in the same Dashboard.

With rich media at your fingertips, your customers can decide how they want to reach out to you and choose the experience that best meets their needs.

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