Creating and managing agent alerts on iOS


Agent Alerts allow you to add a message to the beginning of each chat to remind agents of what's important and what to focus on. The visitor will not be able to see an agent alert. 

Setting Agent Alerts can be helpful for answering chats for multiple properties, training new agents, establishing new policies and reminding agents of seasonal focuses.

Here’s how you can make changes to an existing Agent Alert or create a new one on iOS.

Select the You icon in the lower right of the screen ⮕ Property Admin Settings ⮕ select the Property ⮕ Agent Alerts.

You can now add a new Agent Alert or make changes to the current one by filling out the Enter Content text box.

Make sure to keep the alert to a maximum of 750 characters. Once you're done adding content, click the check mark button in the upper right corner.

Learn how to create and manage alerts on desktop: Creating and managing agent alerts

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