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If you want to keep up the date with what the visitors on your site are saying or need another way to keep an eye on chat activity, there are multiple options that may help in the Mail Notifications section of the Dashboard.

NOTE: The instructions below can only be completed from a browser or the desktop apps. They cannot be completed in the mobile app.

Here’s how to make sure the right people are getting notified:

If you have multiple properties, check to make sure you're viewing the correct one. Hover over the current property name in the upper-left menu to select a new property from the list.

Next, make your way to ⚙️Administration SettingsMail Notifications

On the Mail Notifications page, you'll see a list of options for when and where someone within the property should be notified about chats, tickets and forms.

Chat Transcripts

Anyone included in the Send all Chat Transcripts to option will receive full transcripts of all chats answered. This means that regardless of who answered the chat, the recipient will see the entire conversation via email.

New Tickets

The Send New Ticket notifications to option can be useful for getting the people who can help involved as soon as possible. For example, you could set this up to send an email to your team of troubleshooters or notify some of your developers so they can start working on a software fix immediately.

Please note that the ticket assignee will always receive a copy of the ticket by email. If you assign a ticket to a department, all members of the department will receive the ticket by email. Any team member who does not wish to receive ticketing emails can filter them by creating a rule in their email client.

Offline Form

If you can't be there to answer your customers all the time, the Send Offline Form notifications to option can be helpful for making sure you don't miss out on a conversation or a lead. If you've requested the visitor's email in the form, you'll be able to get back in touch with them right away.

Missed Chat

Setting up the Send Missed Chat notifications to option can work as a failsafe to make sure you haven't missed an opportunity to respond to a visitor. If someone hasn't shown up for a shift, a missed chat notification can serve as a quick reminder to answer chats, so you can make an adjustment sooner rather than later.

To select where notifications will be sent, change the option from Nobody to All, Only Admins or Department selected in Pre-Chat Form. Selecting All will send an email to every agent on the property. Choosing Only Admins will send an email only to agents on the property who have the Admin status.

If you want to be more specific, you can either set up departments and allow the visitor to choose where to send the email by selecting the Department selected in Pre-Chat Form option or you can add an agent's email manually.

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