Where to find your widget code on iOS

With the tawk.to mobile app, you can answer chats on the go, manage property settings, edit shortcuts and much more. The app is free and you can find it on the Apple app store by searching for tawk.to.

There are a few options for adding the chat widget to your website depending on how your website is built. If your site uses a content management platform like WordPress, Drupal, Magento or Shopify, you can simply install the tawk.to app from their app store/library and follow along through the installation wizard.

If you're not using one of these platforms, you can install the chat widget by adding a JavaScript code to the pages of your website. You can find this code in the iOS app by selecting the hamburger icon in the top left corner to open the menu.

Select Admin from the list to open the property selection menu.

Select the property for which you'd like to find the widget code.

Select Channels.

Select Default.

Select Code.

Here you can either copy the widget code or send the code via email.

Now just paste the snippet into your website's HTML just before the </body> tag and you're ready to go.

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