What is the Purpose of the Primary Category in the Knowledge Base?

Categories group articles by topic, making it easy to find the answers quickly.

Users can navigate from general to specific topics by selecting the category in which they need help and then find the relevant article to solve their problems or answer questions.

The search path will look like this:

Home > Category > Article

The Primary Category determines how an article is listed after a direct search when it appears in multiple categories.

For example, the “Creating and Responding to Tickets” article is listed in two categories: Dashboard 101 and Ticketing.

If we head over to the Ticketing category and click on the article title, Ticketing appears in the breadcrumbs menu.

However, when a visitor searches directly for the article by typing “creating tickets” in the Knowledge Base instead of browsing through the category listings, the primary category, Knowledge Base 101, will normally appear in the breadcrumbs menu above the article.

Having the option to select and prioritize categories for your Knowledge Base articles allows you to keep information organized while making it easy for your readers to find the help they need.

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