Creating Private Knowledge Base articles and categories


The Knowledge Base was created to be a quick and easy place to gather and share information. This works wonders for your visitors and can also be useful for tracking internal policies and procedures.

This is why the Knowledge Base has visibility options. If you want to make articles just for your team, you can.

Public articles are displayed in your Knowledge Base and are available for anyone with access to the URL. It's a perfect place for tutorials, frequently asked questions, advanced tips, guides or any other articles created to assist your visitors. Once an article is published, it will be indexed by Google so it’s easier to find. 

Private articles can only be viewed by agents who are logged in to the Dashboard and signed in to the associated property. Publishing a private article is a great way to organize information and keep your agents up to date with the latest procedures.

NOTE: The instructions below can only be completed from a browser or the desktop apps. They cannot be completed in the mobile app.

So how do you make sure your private articles don't show up where they shouldn't?

Adding a new private article to an existing category will have no outward effect on your Knowledge Base. Visitors will not be able to see the new article. However, they will still see the public articles and the categories the articles sit within. An article will also be invisible to visitors if you mark it private and publish without assigning it to a category.

Categories act a little differently, however, as they can't be set to either Public or Private. Visibility for categories is automatic. There are only two cases in which a category is Private and visitors are unable to see it. 

If a category does not contain any articles it will remain Private. This way, you can build out your Knowledge Base without worrying that your visitors will see it before it's ready. It's like hiding the scaffolding so you only see the finished product when it's done. 

The second way for a category to be set to Private is for each of the articles within the category to be set to Private. That's right, every article in the category must be Private for it not to appear in your Knowledge Base. If one article is changed to Public, the category and that one article will become Public, leaving the rest of the Private articles hidden.

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