How to change the order of articles in the Knowledge Base

As your customers ask questions and look for support, adding new articles to your Knowledge Base makes it easy to find the answers.

By default, the articles are arranged in the order you add them. The newest article or the one most recently edited or added will appear last in its primary category.

By customizing the order, you can present your articles in the correct sequence for completing a task or simply make it easier for your customers and team to find the most frequently requested articles first.

To get started, make your way over to your Knowledge Base by clicking on the book icon in the left-hand menu of your Dashboard

Next, click the Categories button above the article list.

In the new list that appears, hover over the category for which you’d like to rearrange the articles. Then click on the number listed to the right of the category name under Count.

A panel will pop up allowing you to drag and drop the articles for your selected category into the order you choose.

Once you have rearranged your articles, save your work and close the panel by clicking the x in the upper right corner.

Your articles will now appear in the order you have selected, making it easy to draw attention to the articles you want your readers to see first. 

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