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Maximizing lead capture efficiency is crucial for our business growth.

By employing our set of Base Prompts as suggested best practices, we can ensure that our AI systems are collecting relevant information from visitors in the most effective manner to produce quality leads. The following Base Prompt examples can serve as a starting point and it is important to note that they should not be used word-for-word in all situations:

For AI Assist to gather specific lead attributes during the conversation you can use: 

  • If the user is interested in [product/service/etc.], always confirm [relevant lead attribute].

E.g. If the user is interested in purchasing a property, always confirm size in square feet, location, number of rooms, and allocated budget.

For AI Assist to ask for user contact information at the end of the conversation you can use:

  • After answering the visitor's initial inquiry, ask for [relevant lead attribute] and/or [call to action].

E.g. After answering the visitor's initial inquiry, ask for their email address and offer them to join the mailing list for Newsletter with the latest deals and info.

To ensure AI Assist prioritizes the attributes relevant to lead segmenting in the conversation use:

  • After the visitor initiates the conversation, always confirm [relevant lead attribute] as the first thing.

. After the visitor initiates the conversation, always confirm if they are looking to purchase or rent a vehicle as the first question.
If you wish to disable the Pre-Chat Form and still ensure that visitors' contact information is collected you can use:

  • Always confirm the visitor's name and email at the start of the conversation.

The effectiveness of these Base Prompts may vary depending on the specific instructions given and the flow of the conversation. Therefore, it is recommended to consider these prompts as guiding principles and modify the wording and order as needed to ensure the interactions feel natural and user-friendly in each context. Flexibility in adapting the prompts will help create the best possible user experience.

To learn more about the Base Prompt and how to modify it you can visit this article: Modifying the Base Prompt

Please stay tuned for updates about new features and enhancements!

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