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With the evolution of AI in the digital customer service ecosystem, the smooth transition from AI-based assistance to human support is important. The Apollo AI Bot plays a crucial role in recognizing 'human takeover inquiries' and guiding visitors to appropriate support channels.

We are currently working on a comprehensive solution for automated ticket creation and instant agent notification. However, we already provide various tools that you can use to enhance the capabilities of AI Assist beyond simple chatbox responses.

When configuring the initial prompts for the Apollo AI model, consider the following important examples:

To ensure that the support team can intervene when necessary, it is important to keep the visitor engaged in the chat for a certain duration. To achieve this, you can utilize a Base Prompt similar to the following:

  • If the visitor inquires about [topic beyond AI scope], you should reply respond with [''example sentence''].

E.g. If the visitor inquires about changing their existing order, respond with: "I do not have the necessary access to perform this action. One of our Level 2 support representatives will be with you shortly..."
It is also possible to ask AI Assist to direct users to send an email ( which can then be forwarded to the system as a new ticket ) with the use of the Base Prompt:

  • If the visitor requests assistance with [topic beyond AI scope], respond with [call to action with email address].

E.g. If the visitor requests technical assistance, respond with: "For technical issues, please reach out to our technical support team at"
If AI Assist is to be focusing on answering FAQs, it might be relevant to disclose AI limitations at the start of the chat and introduce means of connecting with the right person:

  • If the visitor has a question, respond with [call to action with phone number] followed by a response to their question.

E.g. If a visitor has a question, respond with "As AI support I can assist you with general FAQ information. To reach one of our sales representatives for immediate assistance, please call 123-345-678." followed by a response to their question.
For certain requests, a form might be a better solution than a phone number or email address. To have AI direct visitors to specific forms depending on the inquiry you can use:

  • If the visitor wants to [request that requires form submission], say [call to action with URL]

E.g. If the visitor wants to request a refund, say ‘’You can submit a Refund request via this form here:’’

It is also possible to set up AI Assist so it would react to Pre-Chat submissions:

- visitors start the chat by submitting a form, in response to this, address the visitor by their name and say: [call to action].

E.g. - visitors start the chat by submitting their name and email address, in response to this, address the visitor by their name and say: ''One of our specialists will be with you shortly. If you would prefer to set up a call back instead, share your phone number below and we will be in touch within a business day.''

When your human team is actively monitoring the chat, they can swiftly intervene. As soon as Apollo AI detects a human takeover it will leave the chat, so your team can offer assistance.

In cases where real-time human monitoring is not possible, incorporating base prompts that direct users to alternative support options such as email, phone calls, or specific URLs can be highly beneficial. You can configure Apollo AI to guide users to forward their inquiries to, which can then be redirected to your system and converted into a new support ticket.

By following these guidelines, you can effectively harness the capabilities of Apollo AI to efficiently handle customer interactions. This approach ensures that inquiries are addressed promptly and users are directed to the appropriate support channels when necessary.

To learn more about the Base Prompt and how to modify it you can visit this article: Modifying the Base Prompt

Please stay tuned for updates about new features and enhancements!

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