How to add and manage segments in Contacts

Segments allow you to group contacts and organizations to match your marketing and sales priorities.

To add and manage segments in your account, select the Contacts icon in the upper tab menu. 

If you have multiple properties, check to make sure you're viewing the correct one. Hover over the current property name in the upper-left menu to select a new property from the list.

Filter your contacts

Click the Filter icon in the upper-left corner to sort and view contacts using one or more of the available attributes.

Any custom attributes you add to a personal contact or organization profile will also appear in the list of filters.

Each attribute allows you to select from a list of negative and positive qualifiers.

For example, selecting Tags gives you five options:

  • is not
  • contains
  • does not contain
  • is unknown
  • has any value

Select Add Filter to add an additional filter.

Select Clear to remove all selected filters.

To create a filter group with more than one qualifier, add a filter. Then, directly to the right of the filter, click the Plus (+) icon for Create filter group. Repeat for any additional filters you would like to include.

Create a new segment

Once you’ve narrowed your list of contacts or organizations with filters, click Save segment in the upper right to confirm your new list.

Give your new segment a name in the popup window that appears. Then, click the Save button in the lower-right corner. 

Your new segment will appear in the lower right of the Contacts menu under Segments. You can refer back to your segment any time to view or modify your list.

Learn how to customize the information you see for each contact here: How to customize a profile in Contacts

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