Using AI Base Commands

The AI assist function offers a multitude of capabilities beyond simply generating responses or answering customer queries in your absence. It serves as a versatile tool to enhance your customer interactions. To streamline its usage, we have included predefined commands that empower the AI to optimize your responses.

Introducing the AI Commands:

Below is a compilation of fundamental commands, consisting of instructions that can be utilized to refine and tailor your responses:


Employ this command to generate ideas and engage in a thought-provoking session on a specific topic.

This command will allow you to freely type out instructions for AI to follow as plain text.


With this command, you can transform the tone of your response, enabling it to resonate differently with the recipient.


Utilize this command to enhance the grammar and style of your response, ensuring it reads more smoothly.


Expand upon each point in your list by incorporating additional information, bolstering the comprehensiveness of your response.


This command facilitates the expansion of sentences or paragraphs by adding supplementary details and context.


Simplify your response using plain language and clear terms with this command, enhancing its accessibility and clarity.


Transform your response into a series of step-by-step instructions by employing this command.


Efficiently summarize your response using this command, condensing it into its core essence.


Generate a concise paragraph about a desired topic with this command, aiding in content creation.

How to Use the AI Commands

To start using your AI Commands in a chat or KB article, type “/ai” in the text window. You will be able to search the available AI commands or use the keyword to type in the AI command you want.

Another option is to click the “ / ” icon or Show Commands in the bottom left hand corner of the text window. This will open all the shortcuts and AI commands you have at your disposal.

Once you have selected the AI Command it will appear in the response field highlighted in blue. The AI Command can be used before you have typed your response or once you have crafted your response. It makes no difference. Any response that will be edited will be highlighted in blue.

Hit Enter on your keyboard to put AI Commands to work. Once the response has been generated, you will be given three options:


Continue Writing


Done will stop the AI from working, you will be able to send the generated response immediately, or edit the response and then send it.

Continue Writing
will instruct the AI to expand on what has been posted there. It will create a longer, more elaborate response.

Retry will scrap the existing response and create a new one. Once the new one is created, the same three options will present themselves.

Keep in mind, every time you generate a response using the AI Commands it counts as a message. There are limits to the number of messages you can generate on each plan.

Once you have selected " Done " you can edit or send the response as you would normally. 

Note that there is a 1024-character limit for AI commands if they are used in Inbox and a 4000-character limit within Knowledgebase. 

How to modify the AI Commands

Once you have selected which command you would like, the pre-defined instruction will be inputted into the response field in blue.

You can edit the AI Command in any way to produce a different response.

For example; the AI Command /ai-tone sends a request to AI Assist to -  “Please change the tone of the message to sound more professional". You can edit the word “professional" to “casual"  ( or any other adjective ) to adjust the tone of your response accordingly

By leveraging these commands, you can harness the full potential of the AI assist function, optimizing your customer interactions and streamlining your communication process.

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