Enabling the Sleep Mode feature

If you are inactive for quite some time, you can stop data from continuously showing up in Monitoring by enabling the Sleep Mode feature.

Here’s how to enable Sleep Mode:

From the Dashboard, make your way to MonitoringSleep Mode

By default, the Monitoring section will go into sleep mode after 10 minutes of inactivity. You can change this by modifying the settings on Sleep Mode.

To enable Sleep Mode, select one of the following options: 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours. 

When Sleep Mode is enabled, you will not be able to receive data in Monitoring. However, you will still be able to receive chat notifications.

When you’ve been inactive on the Dashboard for the set amount of time, a pop-up window will appear to let you know you’re in sleep mode. 

To reactivate your Dashboard, click the green Continue Subscribing button. You will then start to receive data in Monitoring again.

To disable Sleep Mode, return to the dropdown menu and select Disable Sleep Mode

There you go — now you can use Sleep Mode to control when your data shows up in Monitoring.

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