Enabling the Attention Grabber

Adding an Attention Grabber is a way to make sure visitors know you have a live chat option on your site. There are dozens of designs to choose from. You can also upload your own custom design.

Visitors report higher feelings of trust and confidence when they see that a website offers live chat support (even if they don't use it), so make sure they know it's there. 

To enable the Attention Grabber, select ⚙️Administration in the lower-left corner of the Dashboard.

Then, under Channels, select Chat Widget.

If you have multiple properties, check to make sure you're currently viewing the correct one by hovering over the hamburger icon at the top of the Dashboard.

The Advanced menu in the Widget Appearance section allows you to change the color, size and shape of the chat widget in addition to setting up your Attention Grabber.

Toggling the switch will enable the Attention Grabber. You'll then see the options for the attention grabber message.

Choose the colors you want to use in the Attention Grabber message in the Widget Colors section.

You can also choose to select a bubble from our gallery of bubble images by clicking the green Gallery button.

You can't edit bubble images from the gallery, but you can upload your own custom image using the Upload button.

You'll see a real-time preview of the changes you're making on the right side of the Widget Appearance window. Make sure to hit the green Save button when you've finished setting up your Attention Grabber.

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