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Frequently asked questions about the AI Assist add-on

What is AI Assist?

AI Assist allows you to train your own AI-powered chatbot, and use features like Smart Reply and AI commands to answer customer queries and generate content.

What tools does AI Assist offer?

AI Assist consists of three tools:

1. Apollo AI Bot - answers chats based on your data.

2. Smart Reply - generates chat and ticket responses.

3. AI Commands - a tool that allows you to leverage generative AI for a variety of tasks, such as brainstorming, summarizing, adjusting message tone, translation, and more.

How can I train AI Assist?

You can train AI Assist by connecting data sources. Data sources include:
• Plain text
• Documents (csv, txt, pdf)
• Your Knowledge Base

• Shortcuts
• Your website

Make sure to regularly review your data sources to ensure the information is up to date. Remember, AI Assist will only be able to provide the information it has access to. The more quality information you add, the 'smarter' it will become.

What language models does Apollo AI Bot use? created a multi-layer query process that uses different LLMs and vector stores depending on the customer query type.

Some queries don't require an external LLM (like OpenAI or Google Bard) at all, others require self-hosted LLMs, and others require that we pass vectorized content to be submitted to either understand or generate a response.

How is my data stored?

Your data is stored securely, encrypted, and in a vectorized format within our platform, not with OpenAI or any other 3rd party.

Which is no less secure than the way we store your chat or ticketing history, or Contact data in your CRM.

Does AI Assist use common knowledge from the AI model?

Yes, AI Assist utilizes foundational common knowledge from its inherent training model, however, it will primarily use the data you provide to formulate a response.

How are data sources prioritized?

AI Assist reviews all your data sources for the best match to formulate a response.

Keywords with higher priority can be assigned by adding AI Question to individual Shortcuts.

How can I address gaps in AI Assist's knowledge?

Best practice is by documenting all of the things that AI should know about in a simple Questions and Answers table with first row as column titles and each row phrased as conversational question and answer, and uploading it as a CSV file to Document Upload Data Source.

Does AI Assist use information from previous conversations?

No, AI Assist does not utilize information from past conversations. It operates solely based on the ongoing conversation and the data sources you have connected, ensuring privacy and security.

Can AI Assist learn from my website?

With Website Ingestion Data Source you can have AI go trough specific URLs or Sitemaps to gather Page Contents as individual text files that can be reviewed and selected to be used for context.

Can we add instructions to the Base Prompt?

Yes, you can add instructions to the Base Prompt. However, improperly crafted instructions could affect performance. If you're new to writing instructions, exercise caution.

Does the AI learn from the data it interacts with? Will it have this capability in the future?

The AI currently learns from the data you provide it. However, by design, it does not learn from visitor conversations to avoid potential misuse. e.g. any visitor could then start teaching it the wrong things. In the future, there will be reporting mechanisms to notify you of FAQs that the AI consistently fails to answer.

How is the usage limit for AI Assist determined?

The usage limit for AI Assist is determined based on the number of generations, which includes generated AI Commands, Smart Replies and Bot replies. Once you reach the limit on your plan, a notification will be sent to you, indicating the date when the limit will reset.

Can I see my available message count?

Yes, you can see exactly how many messages you have available in the AI Assist settings page.

How do overage messages get billed on the Enterprise plan?

Overage messages are sold in blocks of 5000 for $100 each ($0.02 a message).

I.e. If you need an extra 10000 messages, purchase 2 blocks of 5000 ($200 total).

In the event that you do not use all of your overage messages, they will flow on to the following month.

Here is an example scenario:

Tom uses 25,000 messages per month on average.

Tom purchased an extra overage block of 50,000 messages.

Each month Tom's property first deducts the 20,000 message credits allocated with his Enterprise plan, and the system automatically deducts 5000 extra credits from his overage block.

With the purchase of a block of 50,000 message credits, and an average message count of 25,000 messages; that will last Tom approximately 10 months without having to worry about topping up.

Can I connect AI Assist with external APIs?

No, AI Assist cannot currently connect with external APIs, however, we are constantly working on improving our system and considering enhancements for future versions. This includes exploring potential features for custom AI actions and advanced interactions with external APIs.

Will a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) be offered to ensure data security?

We are actively reviewing our policies to ensure data security. While we are considering the provision of a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), no definitive decision has been made as of now. If we do offer a BAA, it will most likely be available only for users on the Enterprise plan.

Can AI Assist handle customer authentication?

No, customer authentication can currently only be managed using our API. AI Assist, or Apollo AI Bot cannot currently handle authentication. We're considering future enhancements for custom AI actions, including authentication.

Do I have to be online for Apollo AI Bot to accept chats?

No, you do not have to be Online for chats to be answered automatically. Once Apollo AI Bot is enabled it will accept incoming chats, given that your Widget Scheduler is set to be Online at the time. It is also possible to set up AI Scheduler independent of Widget Scheduler.

Please stay tuned for updates about new features and enhancements!

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