Spreading the value with digital technology: Mohamed Bitar, CEO and Founder of Wick.

It's all about really spreading the love, spreading the value and just believing in something. — Mohamed Bitar, Wick.

How can digital agencies create more time, value and happiness for their clients with free tools for online communication? We spoke with Mohamed Bitar, Chief Everything Officer at Wick, to learn about Wick’s approach to digital marketing and how tawk.to keeps the lines of communication open for clients across the globe.

1 - First of all, can you tell us a little bit about your business?

Wick is a digital agency that focuses on data and focuses on results. After living here for almost 14 years and being in the industry for over 23 years, I realized that there's a lot of hit and runs. There's a lot of misinformation going from agency to agency. And this really inspired me to open my first agency in 2011.

I realized that what will always keep us moving and running and what will keep the clients, really, to nurture them and always be there when they need us, is all about education. It's all about training. It's all about consultancy. It's not about bringing them towards you in terms of what you're doing in the agency.

It's not really treating your clients as if they're a client-agency relationship ... Make them feel that you are the in-house team. That actually allowed us to really grow in terms of numbers, in terms of relationships,[and] in terms of partners over the years. And this really pushed me more and more to actually simplify things in the digital industry.

2 - How do you use tawk.to at Wick?

I think we were among the first agencies or partners to use tawk.to. What I love about the concept is that you should be there whenever the customer needs you and not the other way around, where you just work from nine to six. That technology really allows you to be there. And the best part of it, which is the founder Robert’s famous sentence, is that you shouldn't be charged for communicating with your audiences.

So where can they communicate with you? We're online. We're global. So you cannot just be in a certain region. This technology allows us to be available to answer missed emails or miscommunications or missed conversations because it stores everything. 

3 - Why did you choose to use and partner with tawk.to?

One, I always look for the people behind them, the long-term vision. And I'm always against the big Sharks, the guys that just want to make money on the backs of other people. That's how I choose my technology because I love to scale. I love to work together from that front.

The second point is that they also provide an amazing service where they chat on your behalf. Because sometimes it's really impossible to be there 24/7. 

4 - How do you promote tawk.to?

In two different ways. One, we are promoting their service as if it's our service. So allowing us to chat on their behalf. But we actually outsource that to the team at tawk.to, because we're a digital agency. We develop a lot of e-commerce websites. So as soon as I see any other companies working with a live chat, I immediately go, “Step number one, stop wasting money. Get the technology as-is for free. Test the waters and you'll see the same exact, if not better, experience.”

5 - What benefits are you seeing as a result of sharing tawk.to?

The dashboard is amazing. It's very well detailed … the flexibility of the features, the widgets, even the way they customize the widgets in terms of the colors, in terms of the branding. So clients are loving that part of it, and that's where they're like, “Okay, thank you for the whole referral and suggesting tawk.to us.” That's how we see them. They love the widget. They love the commitment. So it’s like, really, just give it a start. Give it a shot and you'll see how addicted you'll start becoming to the platform.

6 - What advice can you share with new partners at tawk.to?

The advice I will definitely give them is, “Don't even have any doubt or any regret or any hesitation.” Because you know the people behind the platform, you know who's running it, you know the team behind it. You know how committed they are. You know, the growth. I mean, the growth is tremendous. When they started, I remember, there were already over 20, 30 different players. So if you look at the history of the market share that they've taken, it's amazing.

So it's all about really spreading the love, spreading the value and just believing in something. And do good for others the same way you [are as] a partner now. There's a reason why you're a partner. It's because you're happy. So spread the happiness again.

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