Making engagement effortless: Luke Brandley, CMO, Local Reviews™

“It’s been very easy for our customers to utilize []. Super effortless for them. We're seeing more engagement from our customers because of how easy the tool is to [use].”
— Luke Brandley, CMO, Local Reviews™

How does Local Reviews™ help businesses gain the edge over their competitors with unbeatable social proof? We spoke to Luke Brandley, CMO, to learn how increases engagement with clients who benefit from the five-star reviews that build trust and spark sales.

1 - First of all, can you tell us a little bit about your business?

Local Reviews™ was created by a company called Shopper Approved — they've been in the reviews industry for over a decade. It’s collected over 55 million reviews, and the software that we use is super robust, yet it's also very user-friendly.

Local Reviews™ is helping businesses, local businesses, to get an edge. People really want to show that they are the place to be and Local Reviews™ helps do that.

Our competitors have limits to the number of texts you can send out. Local Reviews provides unlimited texts and emails to collect more reviews in more places. And you can also use the tool to market to your clients and to your customers.

2 - How do you use at Local Reviews™?

I use it all the time. I use it for their live chat customer support, and hopefully, in the near future, I'll be able to utilize the CRM tool as well. I'm excited about that. But it's super easy to use the live chat service, and I use it across all my platforms.

3 - Why did you choose to use and partner with

My previous live chat provider sent us an email and said, “Hey, we're going to increase the prices.” And I was like, “Oh, another price hack, another price increase.” I wasn't too excited about that. And since I know and understand reviews and recommendations, I started looking for the best. It was easy to find as highly recommended, and the story is history from there.

4 - How do you promote

I put the badge on my website, and it's going to go out in our first newsletter here coming out in a couple of weeks. If it was up to me, I would shout it to the world because your service is superior. And I believe if other people don't have the service, they're doing their business a great disservice. So I'm excited to [promote].

5 - What benefits are you seeing as a result of sharing

It's been very easy for our customers to utilize. Super effortless for them. We're seeing more engagement from our customers because of how easy the tool is to [use]. And quick responses on our end — and on our users' end — both have been enhanced, and I'm so grateful for that.

6 - What advice can you share with new partners at

First of all, the partners that I've talked to have been great to work with. And the thing that I like about your partner program there at Is that you're not only concerned with improving your following and so forth and getting more people using, but you're also engaged in helping me be successful as well, and I'm super grateful for that. And that's why I really love this partnership with

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